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  • Itinerary


    We shall start our private tour taking the westward route via coastal line towards Peloponnesus. You will see the Saronic Gulf where the famous Naval Battle of Salamis took place in 480 B.C. between the Greeks and the Persians. Persians defeated under the inspiration of Themistocles General. Our first stop will be the famous Canal of Corinth which, through Isthmus a narrow neck of land connects the Corinthian Gulf (Ionian Sea) with Saronic Gulf (Aegean Sea) and cuts Peloponnesus peninsula from the rest Greek mainland.

    We continue our private tour with the visit to Ancient Corinth. Exploring the archaeological area you will meet the Roman Odeon the theater then the Temple of Apollo from 6th century BC the archaeological Museum, the Glauke fountain also the famous “Vema” (tribunal) from which St. Paul sermonized the Corinthians.
    Our next visit is the famous Mycenae (the Kingdom of King Agamemnon). You will admire there the Lions’ Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, the Treasure of Atreus, the Subterranean Cistern and the Archaeological Museum.
    After Mycenae, our private touring goes on with our visit in Ancient Epidaurus. You will explore The Ancient Theatre who is famous for its acoustics. the archaeological area of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, and the archaeological museum. Our private tour continues on with our visit to Nafplio, a seaside town which is for many the most beautiful town in Greece. Nafplio was the first capital of Greece after the Greek Revolution in 1821 until 1834. You will enjoy the walk in the picturesque backstreets of the old town admiring old classical buildings, especially in the Constitution Square. You will enjoy also a traditional Greek dinner, while attending the famous Bourtzi castle located in the middle of the harbor of Nafplio. Then you will spend your night in a friendly family run hotel.


    Next morning after having your launch we take the way through the beautiful countryside of Peloponnese peninsula we shall pass traditional villages of Mount Mainalon and finally we arrive at Sparta the capital of Laconia and birthplace of the King of Spartans Leonidas. You shall have the opportunity to visit the Statue of King Leonidas, the Archaeological museum and the Olive museum. Out next visit will be the famous Byzantine old town of Mystras (UNESCO protected site) which is located in a physical fortified hill. You will visit the medieval castle, the fortified settlement with palaces, many churches and monasteries and the Archaeological museum. After Mystras we are going to Monemvasia and you explore there the unique Castle also. Then you will enjoy your dinner and you will spend your night in a friendly family run hotel.


    After having your breakfast we travel to visit the ancient site of Messene which is a spectacular site. We need about two hours and 40 minutes to get there. The ancient city of Messene was founded in 370 BC by the Theban general Epaminondas, after his victory over the Spartans. Here, you can admire the imposing city wall and walk through the Arcadian Gate.
    In this incredibly beautiful ancient site, you can admire the ancient theater, the Ekklesiasterion (or Odeon), the Arsinoe fountain, the Asklepieion, the ancient stadium and many others. Leaving back south Peloponnesus and driving towards northwest we arrive in the world–famous city of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games 776 BC. Time for your dinner and free time to explore the town of Ancient Olympia. Then you will spend your night at a hotel.


    In the morning, and after having your breakfast, you will visit the archaeological area of Ancient Olympia where the first Olympic Games took place on 776 B.C. You will visit the Gymnasium the Ancient Stadium the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, the Palestra, the Philipeion, the Prytaneion, the Bouleuterion and the Leonidaion. You’ll complete your exploration with the visit of the archaeological Museum, one of the most important museums in Greece. Time for your lunch and our private tour continues with driving through north west Peloponnesus with the crossing of Rio – Antirio bridge, passing via Galaxidi and Itea (a seaport in ancient times was named Kirha) and finally we’ll arrive in the modern city of Delphi. Time for dinner and then you will spend your night in a friendly family run hotel.


    Next morning, and after taking your breakfast you will visit the ancient Delphi or the ”omphalos” (means the center of the world) as it was regarded by the ancients. You will wander through the archaeological area admiring the sacred way, the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo, the Polygonal wall, the Treasury of the Siphnians, the Stoa of the Athenians, the ancient theater, the stadium ,the ancient Gymnasium, the Castalian Spring, and the Tholos of Athena Pronaia. Your will complete your exploration with the visit of the archaeological museum. Time for launch and then our private tour continues with driving through Arachova(a traditional ski resort village) to Osios Loukas Monastery, set in the folds of Mt. Helikon .Founded in about 1011 AD. According to his biographer an(Anonymous monk) Osios Loukas was born at Kastri of Fokidas prefecture(Old town of Delphi). His Progenitors were from the island of Aegina. He was born at 896 AD. At the age of fourteen he abandoned his family and he started to wandering from one monastery to the other. At 945 AD eventually he moved here at this place until he died on 953 AD 7th of February. Two years after of his death few of his students completed the temple of St. Barbara. They converted his cell and his grave in it to a holy place. Hosios Loukas it’s one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine architecture and art, and has been listed on UNESCO’S World Heritage sites, along with the monasteries of Nea Moni at Chios Island and Daphni in Attica. This octagonal Byzantine structure is in excellent condition containing many well preserved mosaics and paintings. After our visit to the monastery we take the same way back to Athens.

  • Information
    • We use vehicles, legal and licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization, smoke-free, fully air-conditioned.
    • Rates include all tolls, fuel, parking fees, and baggage charges.
    • Not included: Drinks, meals, entrance fees, accommodation, licensed guides.
    • Tours are private, personal, and flexible just for you and your party.
    • Tickets:
      • Ancient Corinth: Full: €8 / Reduced: €4 Tickets for both the Museum and the Archaeological Site
      • Acrocorinth: Full: €8 / Reduced: €4
      • Mycenae: Full: €12 / Reduced: €6 (April-October)
        Full: €6 / Reduced: €3 (November-March)
      • Epidaurus: Full: €12 / Reduced: €6 (April-October)
        Full: €6 / Reduced: €3 (November-March)
      • Museum of Sparta: Full: €2 / Reduced: €1
      • Museum of Olive: Full: €3 / Reduced: €1,5
      • Mystras: Full: €12 / Reduced: €6
      • Ancient Messene: Full: €12 / Reduced: €6 (April-October)
      • Olympia: Full: €12 / Reduced: €6 (April-October)
        Full: €6, Reduced: €3 (November-March)
      • Delphi: Museum & Archaeological Site Full: €12 / Reduced: €6
      • Osios Loukas Monastery: Full: €4 / Redused: €2
      • Reduced ticket: European citizens over 65 years old, University students
      • Free entrance: Children and young people up to the age of 25, from EU member-states, upon presentation of their ID card or passport for verification of their age and country of origin.
      • Children up to the age of 5, from non-European Union countries, upon presentation of their passport for verification of their age and country of origin.
  • Prices

    Vehicle:SUV Volkswagen or  Mercedes sedan – Capacity: Up to 3 persons + driver
    Price: €1980

    Vehicle: Mercedes Minivan – Capacity: 4-7 people
    Price: €2250

  • Holidays

    Museums and Archaeological sites are closed:

    • 1 January: closed
    • 6 January: closed
    • 25 March: closed
    • Good Friday: until 12:00 closed
    • Easter Sunday: closed
    • 1 May: closed
    • 25 December: closed
    • 26 December: closed

    Museums and Archaeological sites are open 08.30-15.00:

    • Shrove Monday:
    • Holy Saturday
    • Easter Monday
    • Holy Spirit Day
    • 15 August
    • 28 October

Argolis, Sparti, Mystras, Monevasia, Messene, Olympia, Delphi, Osios Loukas

Enjoy many of the most important sites of Greece! Starting from Athens to Corinth, we wil visit the beautiful Canal of Corinth, Ancient Corinth, Mycenae & Epidaurus, some of the major centres of Greek civilization. A walk through the beautiful streets of Naflpio will fascinate you! We will have plenty of time to visit Sparta, Messene & ancient Olympia. Delphi, the center of the world, is located at the foot of Mt. Parnassus. Hosios Loukas Monastery has been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and was founded in the early 10th century AD.

  • Canal of Corinth
  • Ancient Corinth
  • Mycenae
  • Ancient Epidaurus
  • Nafplio
  • Sparta
  • Messene
  • Ancient Olympia
  • Delphi
  • Osios Loukas Monastery
Tour Duration

5 Days

Useful Tips
  • Photography is allowed throughout the tour.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.
  • Hat and sun glasses can be really helpful all year round
Activity Level

Activity Level Medium – High

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